Question 1

Are you a United States Citizen and at least 20 years old?

Yes No

Question 2

Do you have a high school diploma or G.E.D. equivalency certificate?

Yes No

Question 3

Do you have more than 7 driving points, more than one chargeable accident, any convictions for DUI, or any loss of license as a result of a moving violation within the previous 36 months?

Yes No

Question 4

Do you have any felony convictions, or any dishonorable discharges from the U.S. Armed Forces?

Yes No

Question 5

Have you unlawfully used any hard narcotics or dangerous drugs in the past 7 years, or any use other than for experimentation?

Yes No

Question 6

Is your vision at least 20/20 uncorrected; or 20/20 corrected by glasses or contact lenses?

Yes No
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