Field Training

The mission of the field training program is to provide new reserve police officers an enhanced training environment designed to promote a standardized instruction and evaluation process in order to prepare officers in training with the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career. The program is formed upon principles of policing that embrace the diversity accompanied by solid community based policing practices, pride, respect and integrity.

The program will prepare new officers with the ability to provide distinguished customer service to the community. Officers-in-training will be presented with a positive and professional experience from their field training officer; all of whom are dedicated to the overall quality of training, development of the program, and the future success of the department.

The field training program is an intensive 640 hour minimum block of on-the-job training that will prepare reserve police officers to become competent, fully independent, and solo-capable officers. Reserve police officers must meet the same standards in their field training phase as career officers are expected to meet.

Often, reserve police officers participate in the field training program two patrol shifts each week in order to maximize the effectiveness of their training and competency. Reserve police officers have the ability to select the precinct/geographic area for the completion of their field training. 

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